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Mormii Uumani Oromoo guyya guyyan  wayee Godiina Addaa Oromiyaa irrati goocha jira asii irrati hordofa. Guyya guyyan Asii irrati Dhamsa keessan Maxansiina:-  xuqa dhagefadha


Gummi Paarlamaa Oromoo

Leggese Alemu | April 14, 2014

“What if OPDO rejects the ‘Integrated Regional Development Plan’ and proves itself as a genuine Oromo Political Organization after all?” ask some of my optimistic friends, who are stressed and freighted by the foreseeable effects of the “new” Addis’s Master Plan. According to the twenty five year plan, scheduled to be implemented through 2030 ETC, the following Oromo towns and lands are going to be “integrated” into Addis: Akaki, Bereh, Burayu, Mulo, Sebeta Hawas, Sulullta, Welmera, Bora, Liben-Chukala, Lome, Gimbichu, Adema, Adea, Dodota, Aleltu, Jida, Ejere, Illu, and Tolle. In other words almost three fourth of former Showa province is going to be “integrated” into the City of Addis Ababa. These are very huge parts of the Oromia National Regional State (ONRS) both in terms of geographic coverage and size of population. Approximately 8- 10 million Oromos are living on this part of Oromia. Above all, strategically (socially, politically and economically) speaking, these areas are everything to Oromos and ONRS. These areas make up the heart of Oromia and it is difficult, if impossible, to imagine Oromia without these lands and its populations.

How is this plan going to be implemented? Unfortunately, little relevant information in regards to this issue is made public, as is the standard operating procedure of the OPDO-EPRDF government. The information available indicates that there is a Project Office (established since 2011) which manages the implementation of this “Grand Plan” (Again, little is known about the structure, organization and work plans, etc of this office). There is also information that a draft of the Plan was presented to “officials” of different regional states before it was approved by the Board of the Project Office and Cabinet of Addis Ababa City Administration. There is also unconfirmed but trustable information that MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) has already been signed between City Administration and ONRS to “own and implement” the Project jointly. (Again, no information is available on the details and the contents of these agreements yet)

From the scattered information I could gather, these Oromo towns and lands are divided into industrial, service and settlement zones. For instance, Dukem, Gelan, Burayou and Sebeta are identified as industrial Zones, while Modjo is designated as a Service Providers Zone. At the same time Chefe, Bonsa, Sululta, Canco, Mulo and Burayou are identified as “settlement” zones. From the available information, previous and current practices of Ethiopian Government, the following things can be said for certain: (1) this plan will certainly involve the displacement of millions of Oromo populations who have been there since time immemorial. (2) For certain, these areas are going to be occupied majorly by non-Oromo investors, service providers and settlers. (3) The plan does not have any feasible strategy as to what will happen to the indigenous population who has already been in the process of displacement (this is so because the major target is not developing Oromia or Oromos but getting as much “Oromo Free land” as possible. It is not difficult to guess what the fate of populations in these areas will be if one knows what happened to the Oromo peasants who were displaced from Suburbs of Addis in the name of “developing” Addis Ababa and Ethiopia through the years. As a sample, one can go to Karraa (Kotobe) and see what happened to these peasants, and project these observations to imagine what will happen to the millions of Oromo peasants that will be displaced soon. In this regards, it sounds “Oromo Free Land” is the implicit motto for the planners and implementers of this Master plan.

So what is left to begin the implementation of the Master Plan? It seems nothing. The execution of the plan has already started with the “training of expertise” that are expected to execute the plan as it is intended by the Original planners. So, in other words, the plan is already in the process of implementation. Well, this is the information I have managed to get so far.* If this is true, then, why do my optimistic friends (some of them very close friends) expect the rejection of the plan by top OPDO Cadres? This sounds as an already finished business and I do not see what we expect from OPDO at this stage in the plan. Are we going into denial due to the high stress and fear that we are facing about this plan or are we realistically dealing with the matter on the ground? This is my humble question to my friends, who are still waiting for something to be done by the OPDO. If we are getting confused with the oppositions that we have seen on TVO, those oppositions are not from the top decision makers of OPDO. Those guys are genuine Oromos but still junior Cadres who are “selected” for the TOT for the implementation of the Master Plan. According to the masters of OPDOs, this is “expected and reasonable” resistance from junior OPDO members and nothing more, I guess. Thus, if we are determined to do something, we must get our facts straight and base our hope on these realities, I think. I very much love painful brute realties and I am sorry if I am so harsh on this matter.

·                    Happy to be corrected if there is any factual errors to what I have said above.

 Anonymous user #1

Stopping the implementation of the so called Integrated Development Master Plan requires the participation of all Oromos and particularly of those who live in the areas to be integrated. Even OPDO itself may not be powerful enough to stop it since the TPLF can do its gimgama and expel as many OPDO members as is necessary to undercut resistance from the organization. So stop putting your hopes in OPDO and start doing what it takes to mobilize people for organized mass resistance. Join OFC, give it financial support.

Anonymous user #2

why should one give financial support to OFC when OFC never held one protest against the TPLF/ Tigray government inside Oromia? If OFC starts protesting people will join OFC in 100's even in 1,000 but first show us what you can do on streets of Oromia in real world don't just ask for financial support. If people believe they will give their life's for OFC

Fuulaa Tokko
  Oromia: Documents of Land-Grab Under Cover of 'Industrial Zones'.

This documentation of TPLF destructive practices will one day be used in legal cases against individuals and groups. 

Recently, the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) sent two Civil/Water Engineering professors from Addis Ababa University. These professors made the following claims which are indicative of Ethiopian ideology sacrifice "non Ethiopian" such as Oromo, Ogaden, Anuak, Afar, Nationalities of Omo valley and many others.

I.                    They claim that 3,500 persons/families that were removed for the Ethiopian Dam project were living in unsuitable conditions. The GOE plan includes building homes and new lives to improve their way of life, a claim which is contradictory to human rights abuse reports by US State Department, independent agencies and organizations like HRW, Oakland Institute, HRLHA and many more. It was after reports of human rights abuses that which World Bank and African Development bank decided not to support GOE.

II.                  The same individuals also claimed that since the TPLF took power, Ethiopian access to clean water went from 15% to currently 65% have access to clean water. These claims are contradictory to UN reports as well as NGOs.

III.                One professor admitted that Lake Koka pollution is a real problem. He mentioned that the GOE has elevated Environmental Protection Agency to a Ministerial position to enforce the environmental protection laws. The second Professor claimed that those reporting on Lake Koka pollution were excessive (suggesting they were extremists).

IV.                The two professors also claimed that GOE had “no money problems.” One Professor claimed that GOE was self funded for all development projects.

 All of these claims are disturbing. Most understand that China has funded a great majority of the projects. 
In addition, the current program of extorting money from every day individuals, business people and potential investors has been employed to fund their projects. A great portion of the funding scheme involves the land grab projects to allow access of countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Sudan, Djibouti and many more. All this is being done because there has not been any meaningful consequence to inhumane actions.

From Ambo in the West, to Melka Jebdu/Dire Dawa in the East, to Jimma in the South, to Kombolcha/Walloo in the North, Oromia is Up for Grabs Under the Disguise of “Industrial Zones”Posted: Ebla/April 15, 2014 · Finfinne Tribune |

According to documents acquired by, the scale of land grabbing (land thefts) underway in Oromia by the TPLF junta, its Habesha “INVESTORS” (aka Neo-Neftegna’s) and its foreign financiers is larger than previously known to the public.

According to information aggregated by, prime farmlands in Oromia, including the Walloo territory in the North, will be divided into at least 8 “industrial zones” and ownership of Oromo farmlands will be transferred to Habesha “INVESTORS” (aka Neo-Neftegna’s) and their foreign financiers under the pretext of the “Growth and Transformation Plan – GTP – Development” scheme.

Ambo, in West Oromia, is slated to be ultimately incorporated under the authority of Addis Ababa Administration, together with Bole-Lemmi, Sandafa, Dukem, Kilinto and other small Oromian towns Surrounding Addis Ababa. Under this scheme, Oromo farmers in Kilinto have been completely evicted off their farmlands over the last year in 2013/2014, as it was reported last week on

Farmlands around Jimma in South Oromia and those in Melka Jebdu around Dire Dawa in East Oromia will all be incorporated into the adjacent cities, and the ownership of the land be transferred to Habesha “INVESTORS” (aka Neo-Neftegna’s) under the pretext of “development,” “Growth and Transformation Plan – GTP,” and so on.

In Northern Oromia, the TPLF regime has already doled out land to “INVESTORS” under its GTP scheme around Kombolcha, near Bati, Walloo.

The full TPLF plan, if implemented, will uproot millions of Oromos from their farmlands and condemn them to further poverty with no land and livelihood.

Oromiyaan Mirga fi fayida Finfinnee irra argachuu qabu Heera Fedaralan keyata 49 lakobsa 5 irrati keenamee waggota 23 gutuu utu hoji irra hin oliin turun isaa dadhabina OPDO fi Tufii TPLF OPDO irrati qabduu argisisa. Oromoo mirga isaa heera federala mirkanayee kana falmacha utuu jiru, mirga Oromoo kana cabsuun Danga fi heera federala cabsuun Godiina Adda Oromiyaa Finfinneti kutun Heera Fedrala Ethiopia digudha. Kana malee Mootumman Federla lafa hin qabuu, Mootumma Nannoletu Federala homee lafi kan uumtaa irra jiratuti, Mirgi Oromoo soda fi dhadhabna OPDO hubachuun lafi Oromoo Harari Hundane, Diredawa, Moyale fi Naannoo Oromiyya yeero yeero yamuu Fedrali humanan fudhatu uumani Oromoo caalisuu hin qabu. Uumani Oromoo lafa isaa irra yeero heeran ala buqa’uu dhabbileen Oromoo, hayyuleen Oromoo fi Dargagoon Oromoo calisuu hin qaban. Oromoon biyya keessa fi biyya ala jiru, Median Oromoo bakka jiru Mormii isaa dhageesisun Oromoo lafa isaa irrati wareegama barbachisuu kafaluun salphina jala of basuu qaba. Haawwasi Oromoo hundi Petition Malateesun Mootummota Gamtoomanti dhiyeesu goocha Wayyanee Morumuu qaba. Wayyanen atataman goocha kana dhabuu bana Heei Federala waan ofuma cabsiteef Oromiyyan siiran Fedrala Ethiopia keessa of basuuf OPDO dabalatee Oromoo hundi sagalee tokko Bilisummaa labsachuu qabna.
Gummi Paarlamaa Oromoo
Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni 

Any Ethiopian who believes in the continued existence of Ethiopia as an entity; and genuinely desires to prevent unending bloodshed among our people must condemn the savage and most preposterous plan to uproot and clear 5.7 million Oromo people from 17 Oromia Waredas (districts) and 36 Oromia Cities covering 1.1 million hectors of land in Central Oromia. This plan which will put an area as big as Portugal under the charter city of Addis Ababa will cover the entire Central Oromia all the way from West Shewa Zone to North Shewa Zone, and East Shewa Zones of Oromia Regional National State. The Plan will effectively end the existence of Oromia as a member of the federal state in Ethiopia. It is everyone’s guess as to where this will take this country.
The plan to uproot and clear millions of Oromo farmers from their ancestral land is believed to be hatched and developed in France, a country blamed as collaborator in the Rwandan genocide of 1993/94 and known to ferment civil wars in Africa. This plan which is ludicrously code named development master plan is designed to give these lands to few power and resource hungry doomsday local land-grabbers who operate in collaboration with corporate church business enterprises of the old, and foreign land-grabbers.

At a time when the atrocities committed one hundred years ago by Menelik and his followers are polarizing our societies to the bitter end, it is the height of irresponsibility and unpardonable treason to think of committing another atrocity on this generation and this country. All major stakeholders in Ethiopia including the Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, and other ethnic groups who are certain to suffer the consequence of this tragedy must condemn and work to erase and reverse this demonic policy. All groups who have interest in the continued existence of Ethiopia as an entity, and advocates for the mutual co-existence of our multicultural and pluralistic society must counsel and stand against those who are driving us to the hell. Ethiopia cannot be and will not be built on winner take all model. This policy and practice must end, and must end now!!!

The solution for the continued survival of this country is not in this ongoing alienation and humiliation of close to half of its population. Win-Win policies must be put in place to enable the Oromo people to equitably share the economic resources as well as stakes in the power institutions of this country. The federal constitution which officially discriminates against the Oromo language must be amended. Afaan Oromo, the single most widely spoken language in Ethiopia, must be adopted as the Official Language of the Ethiopian Federal Government, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and the Addis Ababa City Administrations. Any arrogant and shortsighted policy that will alienate the Oromo; and put this country at loggerhead with the Oromo people will hurt its viability and its future. To continue the current course of action, thinking close to 50 million strong Oromo people will not come together and defend themselves and their economic, political, cultural and religious interests will be a gross miscalculation!!!

Listen to the passionate plea and call of the Oromo youth at this meeting in Ethiopia to end this policy. 

Tolera Fikru Gemta

The so called the office of "Oromia-Addis Ababa Integrated Development Project" is sponsoring tv program that present a Japanese who has studied the master plan of Gonder city. They are referring to irrelevant precedence for the unjust expansion and eviction in Shaggar!

Geresu Tufa
Horrendous eviction, displacement and ethnic cleansing in Shagger ( the so called Addis Abeba) that have started during the predatory conquest of Sehaliesilassie have continued unabated for more than one and half century. Brutal conquest, massive killing , dispossession of land, and aggressive assimilation have been used as strategy to clean out Oromo cleans like Gulale, Galaan and Eekkaa from the area. As result a serious demographic change have emerged in favor of the old dominant group. While the contemporary descendants of the nostalgic empire builders are still aggressively involving in the politics of denial about the savage act of their forefathers, the dominant group of the day have continued the same policy by further sophisticating it in the name of development. In addition to suppressing the dissent voice, TPLF led hegemonic group is using the evil state machinery as means to unjustly accumulate capital in order to create their own dependant social base. They have massively accumulate capital through unjust and forceful distribution of land, corruption, unethical business and misusing aid money that come in name of the people for the last 23 years. The unjustly accumulated capital by these oligarchies is now over spilling in the form of unprecedented city expansion in order to build luxury mansions and Bungalows by evicting helpless people who have been living in the area from the time of immemorial. In this context, the first speaker has raised a question that’s very fundamental issue to Oromo people. I hope we will continue to hear such courageous voice until this evil plan will totally be reversed.

Ibsaa Nagawoo

 Handhuura Oromiyaa yeroo lamaffaaf Oromoo giddu galaa Biyyaa fi qa'ee isaa irraa buqqiisuuf yaali gochuun sababa of danda'e haalaan guddaa qaba. Murtii uummata Oromoo kan waliigalaa malee gareen siyaasaa Oromoo ykn Oromoon dhuunfaa dhaanin gooftaa Tajaajila jedhu lafa Oromoo taaku tokko alagaaf dabarsu akka hin dandeenye hubachu qabu. Yakka guddaan gaafatamuuf jiraatu. Oromoon giddu galaa kan buqqaafamuuf seenaan itti dedeebbi'es fincilu qaba. Namni eegatu hin jiru. Kan kana dura fafaca'ewu ni gaha. Uummata gootowwan akka Urjii fi Bakkalchaa ifan uf keessa maddiisiise ta'ee Osoo jiruu akka hoolaa jaanjoo Osoo lafa marruu biyyaa fi qa'ee isaa alagaaf dabarsee kennuun isaaniif waardiyaa fi tajaajiltu mana isaannii ta'u hin qabu.

Na dhaqabaa jetti Finfinneen!
Jalala Hirpha Disasatiinb Ebla 9, 2014

Teessoo Oromotaa haandhura Oromiyaa
Magaala bareedduu hin qabdu fakkeenyaa
Jituuf magariisa lalistuu fi badhaatuu
Madda burqaa uumaa kan taate hawwattuu
Sabni koo siin gammada sittis ni abdata
Haandhura kooti jedhe ormatti odeeffata
Garuu yaa Finfinnee amma ati kan eenyuti?
Finfinnee ishee jalaqabaa kanuma duritii?
Lakki! ati jijjiramteetta ishee durii miti
Teessoo alagaa malee kan saba koo miti x2
Oromoon si keessaa hir`atee dinni dabaleera
Bareedinni kee duri sun si dhisee demeera
Yaa lafa seenaa qabdu Finfinnee dubbadhu
Rakkina kee himadhu hundatti odeeffadhu
Hin calisiin maaloo kan garaa kee baafadhu
Rorroo kee hin dhoksiin ifatti lallabadhu
Wayyoo yaa Finfinnee wayyoo yaa biyya koo
Alagaan siin taphate sitti fide rakkoo
Gadadoo sirra jiruuf ilmaan kee gaddaniru
Garaan isaan gubate imimmaan buusaniru
Ajaa`iba rabbii kan kee kun maalumaa
Dinni si balleessuuf halkan guyyaa gamaa
Ati hin dhageenye waan siif qophaa`aa jiru
Jarri hin callisne hin dhisne gitiintiruu
Eenyummaakee daran caalatti balleessuuf
Sanyii lammiwwan kee hundedhaan buqqisuuf
Dinni kee qophaahera toftaa haaraa dirirsuuf
Murannoon ka`eera daangaa kee bali`isuuf
Finfinnee hin callisiin ilmaan kee waammadhu
Dafaa na dhaqabaa jedhi isaanin gaafadhu
Rakkoo kee itti himi kan garaa kee dubbadhu
Ilmaan kee akka gurma`an cimsii itti himadhu
Gadadoon dhufuuf deemu kan duriin adda dha
Bifaa fi akkaataan hammi isaas guddaa dha
Ilmaan koo gurmaa`uun tokko ta`u taanaan
Irree jabeefachuun tokkummaan hiriirnaan
Rorroon koos ni hir`ata rakkinnis ni salphata
Sabni koo jabaannaan naaf fidu furmaata
Dhaamsa dabarsaa jirtii dhagahaa Oromootaa
Haandhurri keessan Finfinneen kan taate jannataa!!!
Bilisuummaan saba cunqursaa jala jiru hundaaf haa ta`u.

 Jalal Hirpha







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