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Ethiopia: Three-State Solution for Peace, Freedom and Democracy

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Opinion: Roadmap to Creating a Three-State Solution for Lasting Peace, Freedom and Democracy in the Horn of Africa

By Qeerransoo Biyyaa*

This article will propose the creation of a three-state solution to the political standoff in Ethiopia. The creation of a three-state solution will undoubtedly end Abyssinian colonialism and ethno-racism in Ethiopia and in the larger Horn of Africa. This, in turn, will contribute to enduring peace and development in the region.

Abyssinians are known to have no or little civil and democratic culture by means of which rights of everyone can be respected. This has been the main reason that has caused wars, conflicts, economic depravity and environmental degradation in ‘Ethiopia’. Besides the endless strife, Abyssinian forces have eroded the possibility of peoples’ peaceful co-existence in the region.

The viable alternative solution to North Ethiopia’s (Amhara and Tigray) natural incapability for freedom, democratization and peace is to create a three-state solution by any means possible. Here are the tentatively proposed names and members of the three states – three states means three sovereign countries:

STATE ONE: The Federal Democratic State of South Ethiopia or South Ethiopia, in short, will be comprised of these states which share the same history of suffering colonialism, genocide and economic exclusion under the Abyssinian rulers ( Amhara and Tigre):

i. State of Oromia
ii. State of Afar
iii. State of Ogadenia (Somalia)
iv. State of Benishangul/ Gumuz
v. State of Gambella
vi. State of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples

A national president, regional presidents and regional and capital cities of South Ethiopia (SE) will be democratically determined by the member states. The branches of government will be drawn from all member states through elections and voting systems.

STATE TWO: The State of Tigray. This state will be formed as a break-away state from Abyssinia because it is proven that Amharas and Tigres will never agree on power sharing and alliance forming issues. They are historical enemies. Since this state advances Tigrayan ethno-national supremacy, it won’t be accepted by the TWO STATES. It forms a state on its own as a result.

STATE THREE: The Republic of Amharia (Amhara). While the ordinary people of these nations are naïve and poor like all others, they have been manipulated for centuries by Amhara elites to wage wars against members of STATE ONE and STATE TWO. Amhara elites have been indoctrinating and preaching to the Amhara nation that they are the only people responsible to keep Ethiopia together. Being an Ethiopian in this sense is equated with being an ethno-national Amhara. For centuries, these elites have fomented wars and conflicts and underdeveloped the country on their watch. It has also been proven for over a century that former leaders from the Amhra ethno-nation were incapable of creating a country that is free and democratic for all. The Tigryans are also incapable of the same. Amhra emperors and the intellectuals from this group have proven track records of operating in the guise of the words “Ethiopia” and “Ethiopianism” by setting up preposterous political parties. The political parties with Ethiopian prefixes or suffixes have merely born the name of the country, but populated by purely Amhara or brainwashed and assimilated pro-Amhara supremacist groups and individuals. To create a lasting peace in the Horn of Africa, this nation must form the State of Amhara or Amharia on its own and revert to feudalism and creating secret societies.

For a long time, I have thought about how to end conflict, war, famine, injustice, colonialism and ethno-racism in Ethiopia; from experience, I always come to one conclusion that Abyssinians, who operate under the guise of ‘Ethiopia’ and ‘Ethiopianism’ and teach hatred, represent only the interests of Amhara or Tigire ethno-nations’ economic and power supremacy. Because these entrenched undemocratic and supremacist culture and views amongst Abyssinians, it is impossible for member states of South Ethiopia (SE) to be forcefully kept into the current colonialist and ethno-racist state of Ethiopia, which represents merely minority interests. Peace, democracy and freedom are impossible to attain as long as the Amhara and Tigre elites are in political and economic power in Ethiopia. National elections before the dissolution and recreation of the proposed new nations will continue to be sham as they will be won by the gun-wielding Abyssinian groups. South Ethiopians must not expect anything out of the 2010 National Election and elections beyond that as long as extremist Tigrians elites are not disarmed or as long as they stay in the guise of Ethiopia, propped up by their monopolized “national army”.

The country is already going down the inevitable path of self-dissolution because of its undemocratic and unjust natures.

In the face of this self-destruction of Ethiopia, the member states of SE must create new power realignments and alliances and work towards establishing the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF SOUTH ETHIOPIA, which will be historically similar to South Sudan and South Korea. Naming and renaming this country can be further discussed with member states. The South Ethiopians will respect the rights to self-determination and secession of Amhara (Amharia) and Tigray.

This can be a roadmap to facilitate the creation of a practical three-state solution to complicated “Ethiopian” problems. The roadmap will contribute to lasting peace and prosperity in the Horn of Africa. This makes the peoples become each others’ good neighbors.

The international community has a moral responsibility to recognize all the three states and must especially work closely with the forthcoming state (country) of The Democratic Republic of South Ethiopia on various national, local and global issues.

* Qeerransoo Biyyaa blogs at


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