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Why Oromo left their country and seek for refugees?

Appeal of Oromo from Somaliland


 First of all, I am sorry to delay my report about Oromo situation in Somaliland. This report is delayed because of lack of availability of computer to type and internet to send and lack of resource and safe place limited me to report on time. I moved to Somaliland after Tigray people liberation front (TPF) dismissed me from my job, at federal government and education, master in sociology at Addis Ababa university accused me having relation with Oromo liberation front on April 22nd,2011. I walk 480kilo meter on foot to save my life and faced several problems during my stay in Somaliland. It’s difficult to find a glass of water in Somaliland for Oromo. I have been lived in Somaliland for 3 month. I send this report to concerned international organization. My initiation to prepare this report is not only to accuse government but protect human right today and future in Ethiopia. I worried about Oromo situation in Somali region of Ethiopia and Somaliland not only because of I am oromo but because of I am critical observer also. Currently oromo have no right to live even in Somali region of Ethiopia. During my stay in Somaliland, I observed how somalilanders undervalue oromo. I interviewed somalilanders why they hate and insult Oromo? They said that it’s settled (TPLF) security force work for TPLF mission taught them to under value and ignore Oromo. we can understand from this TPLF regime follow footsteps Oromo to torture them especially in horn of Africa.

Before I started the main point I wanted to say about myself. I was born in Gibe peasant Association Alle didu district of western oromia. I attended my primary and junior school at Gera school and finally I completed at Bedelle high school. I scored good point and got chance to join university. I graduated on July 2007. I was prisoned two times when I was university student for political Reason. Most of my friends were died from torture and some are still in jail. I have been fully participated in the Oromo affairs. I raise questions to Tigray people liberation front openly. I know Tigray people liberation front (TPLF) regime well. They know me also. After my graduation from the university I moved to work in ILubabora, western Oromia.After two years I spent there and then I moved to Addis Ababa, ancient village Oromo and still Oromo heritage lives on. I got job at Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Authority for Research and Conservation of cultural Heritage of Ethiopia, federal government office. I worked at this office three years before TPLF regime dismissed me from my work.

On the last April 2011 TPLF regime worried that the people revolution that forced the Tunisian and Egyptian dictatorial regimes to depart from power coming to

Ethiopia. They driven by fear, the TPLF security force without single events shot and wounded over nine hundred Oromo students and imprisoning Oromo men and women throughout oromia. I report this because I am critical observer and I am very worried about such ram page shooting, wide spread imprisoning and the crime with which TPLF regime is charging these innocent Oromo men and women. I was first year’s students of master in sociology at Addis Ababa University and senior expert of public and international relation at Ministry of Culture and Tourism Authority for Research and Conservation of cultural Heritage of Ethiopia, Federal government level. I was one of the wounded oromo youth on 22nd April, 2011, the TPLF regime ordered federal police and his security force accused me having relation with Oromo liberation front and then dismissed me from my job and education.

Let me, I tell you the detail on April month (2011), at that time I left Addis Ababa for field work around afar region north east part of the country. The first things they did were divert my mobile phone to security force and then closed it. Next went to my home found my younger brother his name is Itefa Tekalign asked him where is he? Imagine TPLF regime sent the joint force of federal police and security force to my home. But my brother is refused to tell them where I go. They entered my home without any legal paper from the court office. They entered my home found documents and books. Most of my books deals with oromo politics and culture and oppose TPLF regime. My brother his name is Itefa Tekalign was 17 years old and grade 12 students. He has strong interest in education. He wishes to join medicine department at the university but his wish was aborted by TPLF regime. He was prisoned because he refused to tell them where I was. They release him after he spent in a jail 21 days. Where he has been lived? I did not know after I was accused by TPLF having relation oromo liberation from (OLF) I have no relation with my family, friends and classmates because it’s very harsh for them. If they have relation with me, they may be harvest my fates.

I strongly believe that, the Ethiopia legal system is racist and decision of the so called Federal courts made is politically and racially motivated. Its well documented and established fact that Ethiopian courts at all levels are neither impartial nor independent. They are all under complete control of the Tigray people liberation front (TPLF). They only crime of the Oromo have been being an Oromo and alleged association with the OLF.Most Oromo believe that the Oromo

liberation front (OLF) is genuine political organization which struggles to empower and free the Oromo people from repression perpetrated by the TPLF court. Indeed from the perspective of the Oromo people, the TPLF has no legal or moral authority to tell the Oromo people which political party they should support or association with. The notion of TPLF attempting to tell the oromo people which political party they should supports coming from their racist mindset. To legalize their illegal power relation and further incapacitate and impoverish the Oromo people they killing people indiscriminaly

What was happened on April 2011?

The successive Ethiopia regimes used Christianity to link themselves to western world to consolidate their powers against the colonize people mainly the oromo. In addition between 1974 and 1991 the mengistu regime utilized socialist discourses to ally itself with the Former soviet bloc and to consolidate its state power. Currently the meles government uses a, democratic discourses to make its rule acceptable in the world and also to obtain financial and military assistance from the west while engaging in state terrorism.

As may be know, the true meaning of democracy is action and respecting human right. In the last 20 years TPLF has engaged in terrorism and wide speared imprisoning and cripple the educational achievement of Oromo students, thus depriving the Oromo people skilled manpower in the future at the same time developing Tigray primary at the cost of Oromo. In human history education has been the corner stone in capacity building of nation or country. In a society or in a country where one groups oppressed another groups oppressed have always has been denied the opportunities of education. That why TPLF regime dismissed Oromo students from their education. This strategy is intended to creating a generation void in the Oromo. For Oromo educational is more important than work.

Oromo’s in Somaliland

The self declared state of Somaliland is much better known as a refugee producing territory than a refuge destination. Yet in recent years the territory has witnessed growing non Somali immigrate from the oromia. In the wake of marginalization, the vast majority of torture and oppression in Ethiopia, these Oromo went to exile

to find a precarious refugee in Somaliland, demonstrating the challenges of in region protection and integration in the horn of Africa.

Somaliland, the de facto sate on the northern periphery of the horn of Africa. It is best known as the site of mass emigrants as result of political oppression and civil war. In recent years, however, the territory has witnessed growing immigrant. A significant proportion of Somaliland migrant population originates not from war torn southern Somalia, but rather from various parts of oromia. While an oromo presence is not new phenomenon it has been increasingly noticeable in recent years. Some of these immigrants work in hargesa, for the TPLF mission ,some fled to Somaliland since 1993 after withdrawal of oromo liberation front from transitional government ( during which mass of oromo people massacred), some after the fraudulent may election and most of us (including me) during the people revolution in northern Africa and Arab state since 2011

This report, however, focuses on oromo exploring the fortunes of oromo origin living in Somaliland. The oromo people constitutes the single largest national groups in the Ethiopia empire and the horn of Africa with the total of over 50 million people. The number of the oromo people and the geographical location of their country oromia make the oromo country ( oromia) the heart of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian empire mainly survives on the economic oromo resources of oromia. Although the oromo people are one of the most impoverished and terrorized indigenous people .Recognizing that oromia is the richest and largest populous state, the Tigrayan led Ethiopia government has been using collective violence to dominate, control and exploit oromia which the key in controlling the Ethiopia government has been using political economy. Understanding the situation in the oromia helps in generalizing what is going through Ethiopia.

Political and economic oppression, physical and psychological torture and victims in the oromia following the withdrawal of the OLF from transitional government of Ethiopia in 1993 have forced unknown numbers to leave their country ( oromia). The ony oppression of these seeking refuges in an unrecognized sate has been being an oromo and alleged association with the oromo liberation from (olf). Nowadays every thing changed in front of their eye but physical and psychological torture going with this people .As I am an oromo and balanced man I wish equal dignity for world people. I need solution for the problems of oromo. if not I feel the pain.

Most of the research in the last twenty years on Oromo refuges has focused on large refugee camp population in Djibouti Sudan and Kenya and the major resettled population in North America and Europe. There is dearth of information on the situation of the many Oromo’s living in the Somaliland. Indeed for outsiders, it is hard to believe that anyone would seek refuge is the in the Somaliland, which the last two decades have been much better known for producing than hosting refuges .The Oromo presence in Somaliland has not been brought to international organization.

Why oromo left their country and seek for refugees

Despite initial high hopes, in the context of the political climate that the events of 1991 created,oromo nationalist and supporters of oromo liberation front came to viewed as a treat to the Ethiopian Empire.OLF established for freedom and self determination of Oromo people. According to Oromo their problems in fact escalated following the 1991 revolution .Imagine when TPLF controlled oromia that is since 1991 I was six years old. My father was died from torture in 1996 by TPLF security forces. This shows us the readiness of TPLF regime to avoid oromo generation because I tasted their torture methods. As oromos in Somaliland they described a climate of fear and repression claiming that the clandestine Marxist structure of organization known as gooti and garee at grassroots levels, the federal and regional authorities used accusation of links to the OLF to justify ranges of repressive measures including extra judicial killing, detentions without trial, burry a live, whipping with electric cable, the rape of women, castration and not limited to have been. My Mother told me that Jarratin Abba kee Ajjeste translation (they were killed your father) I was 6 years old when they killed my father. I heard the full history how they killed him from my mother and relatives.

Various factors triggered the departure of oromo. Most had left in the run –up to the 2005 election and since when there was a surge in oromo arrivals in Somaliland. Many cited example of close relative who, has been killed or imprisoned. Many had been imprisoned themselves, and subjected to torture and in human treatment. Significant proportions had been high school and university students had been caught up in the waves of surveillance expulsions and arrest that followed various students’ demonstrations.

The general pattern was that they lad left alon, secretly and often precipitously following detention, a traumatic event or treat from official with primary aim of getting out of Ethiopia.

Present oromo situation is Somaliland

I reported what I have been observed and collected from different Oromo groups who, went to exile in Somaliland for political and economic oppressions. The purpose of report is not to accuse government or building a case for a political vendetta against rulers as I have been critical observer, and I am activist Oromo youth I aim to call attention to the atrocities of the past in order to promote and respect for human right today and in the future. I demonstrate that the Oromo aspiration for freedom and self determination is neither a recent phenomenon with which Oromo’s suddenly became obsessed, nor the propaganda of a power hungry Oromo elite. I show that this is not yet a thing of the past.

Using public source I documents in excruciating detail the abysmal symbol conditions in which Oromo’s lived under successive Ethiopia Colonial regimes.

In Ethiopia, some world people believed that governance and administration of justice came to rest on linguistic and ethnic affiliation as nation and nationalities of the country were permitted to cultivate their language and ethic identities. This completely wrong. If above state is true it is possible to rewrite the history of oromo from perspective. Studding and presenting, the oromo history and culture from an Oromo perspective was still treasonable crime. Today the oromo are portrayed as terrorist by TPLF, the TPLF justify to prison Oromo .The world people are fully aware of that democracy is the oromo heritage that the world people share from them.

After control of oromia by TPLF regime, very many of oromos concerning their living conditions used to sing some inspiring sorrowful songs. The oromos who seeking refuges is Kenya, sudden, and Somaliland can narrate different such songs like

Honey and milk were brought from all direction.

Granaries were full of crops.

There is no famine or hunger.

We were pleasant and happy

With all we had in our country.

Now we are forced to be in poverty.

Forced to leave our paradise country.

Time made us live in miserable.

We left our land to the enemy.

We left our people to enemy.

We live miserable life.

Where we cannot be set free.

Our heart suffers uncomfortable life

It bleeds our sorrowful pain.

We will never see it again.

We will never forget now and forever.

As we understand from the songs, the successive Ethiopia ruling class mainly survives on the economic and natural resources of oromia. Although the Oromo people are the most improvised and terrorized people of the world. This state of fact makes Oromo people left their richest natural resource for Tigray and live in very harsh condition in Somaliland. Significant numbers of Oromo who went to exile in Somaliland have experienced detention, beating, torture and rape. Frequently they are associated episodes of buses committed against family members for no apparent reason, other them being related to a suspected supporter of Oromo liberation front (OLF). The Oromo in Somaliland effectively restricted to the worst paid jobs, jobs which Somaliland find demeaning such as rubbish collection, toilet digging and emptying, clothes washing ,and other casual work.

They are criticized for begging with their children, something seen by local as alien and shameful. Some are able find work as wash men but generally on lower pay than locals. Stories of abusive employers abound, most commonly my informants reported problems with getting paid for work they had done, some saying that their employer threatened to report them to the Ethiopia mission, who

settled TPLF security force to follow the oromo movement and the Somaliland criminal investigation department to make them give up for fear of deportation.

At the moment in Somaliland especially in hargessa the oromo condition reached at the very harsh condition. Because of meles zenawi regime has established a political marriage of convenience with the government of east Africa in order to deny support and sanctuary to the oromo refuges, to the Oromo national movement and to extend its terrorist activities in the horn of Africa. For this reason I Tesfaye Tekalign denied refuges in Somaliland. I want to exile 4 month ago after TPLF regime accuse me having relation with Oromo liberation front (OLF) and I have being an Oromo self awarded. Imagine here I lost two thing they dismissed me from my job from ministry of culture and tourism, Authority for research and conservation of cultural heritage of Ethiopia and the second from ay educational at Addis Ababa university master program in sociology.

An asylum system in Somaliland has been established, administered by a refuge eligibility committee under the ministry of the interior, working in cooperation with UNHCR this show us how much refuge in Somaliland is not independent. The UNHCR office in Somaliland attached with Somaliland government. This is rather remarkable progress given the precarious political and economic situation in Somaliland. However, corruption and lack of capacity led unfit standard of UNHCR.The corruption exhibited by the Somaliland register non Oromo oromo language speaker as refuge seeker. These people who, register as refuge seeker registered at the cost of Oromo who, political and economically ignore in Ethiopian empire. They have been take money from refuge seeker to be register as political refuge. Some Somali are Afan Oromo speaker and learn Oromo language to be registered instead of marginalized oromo in Ethiopia. it is very hard for Oromo in Somaliland to be register as political asylum. The asylum system in hargessa, Somaliland dominated by Somalilanders.

Nevertheless, legally speaking insofar as it governs the population in the areas where it has been effective control, the Somaliland government is bound by customary international human right law. Moreover under the article 10 of its constitution, Somaliland has committed to international obligation entered in to by the republic of Smalia, including1951 and 1969 refugee convention. especially article 35(1) of the Somaliland constitution grants foreign citizen the right to seek political asylum.In 2010, Somaliland had some 10 thousand registered asylum seekers and well over one thousand recognized refugee seekers.

Some have been resettled in third countries but oromos in Somaliland are not registered as asylum seekers.Because of ignorance and political marriage between TPLF and Somaliland government. Meles zenawi regime do not like anything good doer for Oromo and going to invest on horn of Africa to destroy Oromo refuge and national movement.

According to international convention which Somaliland has committed to honour asylum seekers and refuge should be protected from return to a country where their life or freedom may be threatened. However, failed to respect international conventions.

Some Oromo, who able to communication with them got legal refuge in Somaliland but last three month on ward handed them to TPLF security force to torture them in Addis Ababa. Many more registered as asylum seekers were not Oromo but they registered them instead of oromo. Those registered people came from different nations in Ethiopia. Many of them were from Somali people, who speak Oromo language and lived with Oromo many years. Those people, who registered at the cost of Oromo, were simply expected to settle in North America and Europe. From my point view, Oromo were left their country because of political oppression and marginalization by TPLF regime. Oromo’s in Somaliland so determined that they would rather die or leave their country than became servant of the tigrayan people liberation front (TPLF).

Oromo, who once had legal refuge in Somaliland and carried UNHCR ID, lived hargessa for number of years. About three month ago on ward, they were abducted by joint Somaliland and Ethiopia security forces from their camp and residences and detained. Somaliland Authorities handed these individuals over to Ethiopia authorities, who transported the victims to Addis Ababa and tortured them.

Nowadays it is very hard for Oromo’s in Somaliland to access any kind of assistance from international organization such as UNHC. Before Oromo were straggle survive them selves. At the moment their problems reached at climax. what I am report to concerned body is what I have been observed in hargessa,Somaliland.As I have been stated above the joint force of somlilanders and Ethiopia mission destroyed and killed refuge camp in Hargessa, Somaliland .There is always torture in Somaliland on Oromo. Even in Ethiopia Somali region. Three month ago onward TPLF regime Somaliland authority decided to detention and torture Oromo in Somaliland. They derive out some Oromo and handed over

to TPLF regime to Addis Ababa and tortured them. They destroyed Oromo house in hargessa, Somaliland and killed them then throw their dead body (corpse) to toilet. As my observation throw their dead body of Oromo early in the morning to hide or silent their bad work and denied to burry. some of them were prisoned.

Oromo women are abused by Somalilanders. They took Oromo women away from their husband them subjected to jail and abused in detention house (jail). Who know this? Let me I inform world people, Oromo women died from very bad torture. Her name is teyiba Abafog, as I heard from her family, relatives, and friends; she was fled to Somaliland 3years ago. Three month ago, Somalilanders took her from her husband abuse by 15 men turn by turn then put two volt battery in her vagina.She was died from this kind of torture I think this was hide from international organization. Time is come; I was exposed to concerned body. Real this is the newly introduced torture system. This torture system is what Tigrayan people liberation front (TPLF) taught Somalilanders to torture Oromo. After her husband heard the rumor about somebody, he followed in search of his wife. He found only her hand and legs. My informants say that, the Somalilanders continue to take Oromo women and murder them. He said that, besides my wife, I found many human bones on the ground. He said they are many Oromo missing in Somaliland and whose loved ones are hoping that they are in detention. they continue to murder Oromo. In addition to this Somalilanders abused oromo women in front of their husband in order to show how much Somalilanders powerful over oromo.

Somaliland government is unrecognized state but signed international convention, which Somaliland has committed to honour asylum seekers to avoid detention. Failed to protect citizens in her territory. I advise the UNHCR to follow up the activity of human right department in Somaliland. UNHCR was established for and by world people. I feel the pain for the oromo, who tortured by TPLF.UNHCR department in Somaliland is controlled by Somalilanders.

It’s fair to investigate any refuge seekers who are who? Given priority for asylum seekers. World is continue to exist only with truth ad facts and caring for each other.

The Oromo are not only tortured by Tigrayan and Somalilanders.But also by Ethiopia Somali. Before I was dismissed from my work at federal government, I round different area of Ethiopia for work purpose. I collected many data at that

time. As my point of view somewhat for Oromo it’s better to live in Tigray region than in Ethiopian Somali region. Historical facts recorded that oromo and Somali have been connected people for many years ago. Nowadays this was changed. Tigray people liberation front (TPLF)regime has mobilized ethinonational minority groups such as Somali, Afar, Konso, Sidama and to kill and terrorized the oromo for instance in the last three month, the Somali militia terrorized the oromo by murdering and prison oromo in jijiga and togochale .Many oromo were in jail in jijiga underground jail, together with ogaden liberation front The prisoner speak Afan oromo in jijiga prison like kalif prison (one of the must detention and torture prison) in Ethiopia .

Among the prisoner in Jijiga, oromo students at jijiga university, oromo business men and Oromo who were born and grew up in jijiga city were prisoned and denied to participate in any business activities and public life.

I have always respected and served people to the best of my knowledge and capacity. I have been gone out my way and provided my time and energy to expose the social, political, and economic crimes in oromia and Ethiopia. At this historical moment regardless of confusing people and international organization. I will accomplish any assignment that is given to me by any persons or organization. I struggle for social justice, mutual solidarity, and popular democracy

Finally with problems in Ethiopia ongoing and many Oromo’s lacking funds to move any further than Somaliland, the Oromo presence in Somaliland is likely to continue. They are children born in dire poverty to Oromo parents, who are unlikely to return to Ethiopia.

Oromo are deserve to live in dignity

Tesfaye Tekalign was 25 years old and had earned his first degree in sociology from one Ethiopia University. Starting from April 22nd 2011, he was dismissed from his work by TPLF regime for political case. Now he has been mobile Oromo, stateless oromo. He was looking for help from international organization such as UNHCR to settle him safe country.


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This letter is sent to:

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