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Dealing with the Habasha Dabtaras DEMAGOGUERY contention and confrontation.

 By Rundaasaa Asheetee Hunde:

Well over 20 years have past but the Habasha Dabtaras are still singing their old parable. The first verse of Ababa Tasama’s song below explains this truth:

Badda Jaarssoo yaa lafa Qore,

na hin waraaqsinii natti tolee........

So often the “truths” that the Habasha Dabtaras tell us are merely fragments of the truth, and sometimes they’re not really the truth at all.  Today I would like to speak of truth. As I do, I invite you to ponder on the following poem.

Just to satisfy their mind,

Until they are exposed,

These men of Abyssinia...

Dispute loud and long,

Venting their own opinion,

Determined, stiff and strong,

Yet, they all are in the wrong!

Since 1991, varieties of evidences have been presented about the Amharas crippled mental setting when it comes to their lack of recognizing facts.  However, because they see the truth from personal point of view, the Habasha Dabtaras insist that what they know is the truth and want us to sing with them their old parable.  Yet, change is so constant and it is knocking on their door regardless of their refusal to think rationally.

 Obviously, A Fish only discovers its need for water when it is no longer in it.  Similarly, until the Habasha Dabtaras discover that they are exposed, they will not stop to deliberately refuse to see wrong  in their crippled views. The problem though is that we face political and economical challenges precisely because the Habasha Dabtaras continuous defense of the stupidest idea of dreaming for the return of Minilik era rule. For example, a man named Amsalu Gebre Kidan blames his Tigre cousins because they refused to deny the Oromo people the right to speak afaan Oromo following the Amharas political parties objective of reestablishing  their kings old constitution that address Oromians concerns by intimidation, murder, breast cutting and arm mutilation. This is the strategy by which they want to integrate empire Ethiopia. That’s why they play the same old political manipulation game so that they will continue to build their cultural hegemony upon the rest.

Since the Tigreans came to power, Amharanization has taken a multi-speed process and evicting of the Oromo people from their lands got enlarged, yet, the Amhara dabtaras feel that is not enough. Their day to day dream is not only evict the Oromo people out of the country and send them to India? but to also dissolve the Oromo identity. The way they see it now, the Tigreans are not doing a good job in implementing the Abyssinianization methodological approach of eliminating the Oromo nationalism.   The Amhara Dabtaras believe that the Machiavellian theory used by evil Minilik works faster and better to weaken the Oromo nationalism and construct the Abyssinian identity compared to their cousins practice of jailing tens of thousands of Oromians at every corner of Oromia. In their view, the Tigreans are also guilty for replacing the Amharas version Abyssinianization with the Aksumite version Abyssinian identity.

 But for the Tigreans, Ethiopia’s gluing cement necessary for a coherent integration of empire Ethiopia is EPRDF’s ability to dominate the Oromo nation for centuries to come.  If they have anything in common, both the Amhara Dabtaras and Tigre/Aksumite proponents share fearing all nations and a nationalities of empire Ethiopia because they know that there is greater sense of solidarity among their victims and that will allow formal and informal participation of the mass and brings democratic process that will result in Tigreans/Amharas lose of power control. To make sure that they remain in control, deception and murdering is used as a legitimate tool by both groups.

 The Amhara Dabtaras have been asked to leave trivial things aside and promote a unifying objectives but they just can’t stop injecting their hateful and wrong perception about the Oromo nation. Instead, they tell the Oromo people to hate their cherished identity and adept the Amhara identity. These racists don’t understand that nations and nationalities of empire Ethiopia have spent so much in their respective villages, towns and cities doing the things their families and extended family members were doing to cultivate their treasured memories. These ignoble minded Dabtaras can’t see other nations and nationalities real potential to think for themselves. They rather tell us to devote our time and energy to copy the Abyssinians superficial language, religion and worldview.

  They don’t think that we can see a folly in their pursuit of the trivial and transient their so called "national unity" fake slogan. The truth, we are neither dumb nor we lack knowledge about the evil and rusty history of Ethiopia written by the thieves. We know that we can't be free from singing the songs written by the thieves if we accept their parable. We know that Ethiopianism prohibits us from restoring our lost self confidence. We know that only our true wisdom will help us keep our confidence, thus, we dedicate ourselves to strengthen our own identity.

We know that the Abyssinians are stuck in the illusion that there is something in their vision that would make everyone happy. But we look back to what has happened to our great grand parents and realize that under no circumstances, the Habasha version Ethiopianism can offer us what we ought to become. That’s why the Oromo and other ethnic groups want to  determine their future by ultimately becoming free from the Habasha dominance.

Yes, for the Dabtara decedents, the days in which we dwell on our wounds has passed swiftly and our memory of Anole and Calanqoo has faded away. Nevertheless, the path to get out of our past ugly realities lies on fulfilling our divine destiny to be free from the hate of the most ignorant colonizers the world has ever witnessed. We’ve already began walking this clean path today and we cannot take one single step backward. We want to live the life Waaqaa intended us to live and we can not wait until our identities are entirely destroyed by the Habasha version Ethiopianism. Our Oromo culture is like water for the fish. It sustains us. We live and breathe through it. It is the foundation of our communication and it involves our ability to look and learn our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. Because of our unique culture, we do things differently from the Habashas even though that has gotten us title “Galla or Pagan.”

We are also aware that the Habashas have nothing of their own. Their names, their language, their God and their cultural norms are all borrowed. If one wants to know more about this, he/she must look into the source of the Abyssinians alphabets and language and pay attention to every word they use to day.
Bandira, Makina, Gazeta, coat, Bet, Shayi, ras, ante, Anchi etc... Their names Aster, Almaz, Dawit, Yohanis, Eden, Mimi, Titi, Tutu etc are all borrowed.  Yes, they have few Amara names such as Gizawu, Getachew, Ergexee, Asaminewu, Danyachew etc but they all have evil intents and meaning in them.

 When it comes to us the Oromos, we see the world differently from the Abyssinians and we react in particular way because we borrowed no God, and our names have no evil meanings in them. Ayana, Galata, Waaqoo, Gari, Toltu, Ayaanee, Ayantu, Waaqtole etc are home grown names and our Waaqa is black. That is why we pray saying, “Waaqa Gurracha garaa garbaa, Leemmoo garaan taliilaa!.  This is why we see, interpret and evaluate things in a different ways from the Habashas. The Habashas who take pride in worshiping White God, and are so proud of borrowing their Calendar from Julius Caesar of Greece, may look down on a civilized society such as the Oromo who have invented their own system known as the Gada system but the truth attests that these people are ignorant and lack awareness on African civilization. Looking at things from this point of view, they are backward and savages. That is why they degrade our African cultural values and cause us anger and frustration.

Most of all, it is amazing to see the Amhara Dabtaras projecting similarities between us and them. How is unity be possible when they intentionally disregard our cultural values while upholding their borrowed White Gods and saints?  What makes the sons of Amhara Dabtaras even more ignorant is that their argument that Minilik did a great job when he cut off our great grand mothers breasts.

  They argue about Minilik thinking that we weren’t born during Minilik’s breast cutting era to witness what really happened. The truth however is that we don't have to live in 1930s to know the second world war horror that the world have experienced, nor should we live during the Romans invasion of Israel to know the history of crucifixion of Mr. Jesus, of course if the story is true at all. All we have to do is to read history books and compare realities and then come up with conclusions.

It is needless to say, that Minilik's expansion to Oromia and the southern regions had destroyed millions of lives, several cultures and civilization that we can never bring back. The issue of culture I am discussing above is linked to the horror that was brought to our land by the Abyssinians invasion as well.  I would also like to emphasize that the Habasha colonialism can’t and should not be seen any differently from the French or from the British colonialism in Africa. The Abyssinian Dabtaras also argue that we all are similar but our skin color similarity doesn't negate the realities that our great grand parents experienced in Anole and Calanqo.

 Every one knows that many White states have colonized other White states and forced the loser to speak the winer’s languages and practice their religions and cultural values just like the Amharas did in Oromia and elsewhere in the South. Regarding land matters, we can refer to the Ethiopian land proclamations and learn how the Habasha laws have been enacted in Oromia. It was and still is true that the Amharas/Tigreans never been evicted from their lands and subjected to the Gabbar and Ciisanyaa system that the Oromians have been experiencing ever since Minilik took over Oromia.  In fact, we can look into the Nafxanya history and understand how the Habasha settlers were given free land in Oromia by Minilik and Hailesilase.  Yee Sisoo Mareet, Xaf maret, yee Gabbar Mareet and many other eviction systems only took place in Oromia not in Abyssinia.  By the same token, since the invasion of Oromia by the Habasha tribes, Oromia's lands names got changed, people's names converted to Amhara names, Waaqeffanaa was banded, the Gadaa system was destroyed and the Oromo people were ridiculed as Bisbis Galla, Gimaataam Galla, Qimaalam Galla, Aramanee Gallaa etc.  

None of these things had ever happened to the Tigreans and to the Amharas.  Considering these evil practices, one can only see the degrader and the degraded in empire Ethiopia. The problem of being ruled by the most ignorant tribe the world has ever known is to be a part these practices, poverty, envy, prostitution and the ever lasting inferiority we all now go through as we strived to run away from our blackness, by imitating all kinds of fabricated Gods that we end up adopting ever since the so called Christian Amhara came to rule over our nation.

Coming back to land matters, the Oromos from central Oromia, specifically Salaalee, Meetta, and north central Oromia were entirely evicted from their lands and became refugees in their own country. The Arsi, Harar, Ilu abba Borraa states were entirely taken over by the Amharas. That is why we find many evicted central oromians in Borana, Baallee and eastern part of Oromia today. All the Amharas we come across running around in Oromia today are the former governors and soldiers descendants who were allowed to settle among the Oromo people to control the population the same way the Tigre Agazi army controls each Oromo family today.  Most maddening than all, now the sons and the daughters of the nafaxanya settlers speak in behalf of the Oromo people being organized as OPDO. Worse, the minorities who were brought to Oromia to feed Minilik's Horses, Donkeys and Mules now speak afaan oromo and tell us not to think about the Oromo cultural values simply because if we develop our Oromo values, their shallow root will be exposed.

Why the Oromos do  not embrace others? As far as I know, there are no Oromo organizations that rejected other nationalities and even the Abyssinians. For example, the OLF program clearly states that even the settler Abyssinians have the right to have equal right in Oromo political and social affairs. As an individual Oromian, I would love to see free Oromia where an Amhara or Tigrean citizen can run for the office and win the highest political position and lead us all.  After all, King Bakaafa had raised Susinios to power. Overall, the horrors and the fears that the Abyssinians have for the Oromo bears a scant resemblance of the events that they think will unfold if the Oromos control their resources. They make up stories in their minds that the Oromo will revenge against them for their past crimes. Because of such fear, they work very hard to rekindle their ancient political evil by creating political feuds to antagonize the Oromo against the rest being as passionate as ever before. 

As the Oromo mamaaksa goes, Waraabessi waan halkkan nama godheef/hojeteef guyya nama baqata".  The Nafxanyas fear of the Oromo people spring from their sudden freed stresses and strains of their own deeds and past crimes. They know that what they have done to the Oromo is still fresh in our memories, and the destruction and dislocations that they have caused our people during their invasion is not something we can easily forget. The injustices they have imposed on the Oromo has been real and still is.  From the Americans history, we’ve learned what the White people have done to the black people but we also know that the White Americans apologized for their ancestors crimes and even elected black president. In our black Hitlers case however, they rather condemn the Oromo to cover up their crimes.

The Nafxanyas have not lost their settlements in Oromia, just like the White settlers of south Africa, yet they are still evicting our people from their lands and becoming new Ras and Dajaazmach of 21st century. In short, when we look at the Habasha past and current political attitude, we find no democratic impulse of any kind in them.  The Oromo proverb, Dhaqni (nafti) Ibiddaa, iddoo qabana hin qabu” makes sense here.  “Fire’s body has no cool spot.” This proverb applies to the Amhara Dabtaras nature.

 That’s why crashing the historical legacy of the Abyssinians colonization in Oromia by force is the only option. We got to delimit our boundaries by defining every inch is the way to go until empire Ethiopia fully transforms into free country, where no one oppresses the other. As it stands now, there is no country called Ethiopia, nor there is a federal system. Everything is fictional because it depicts an imagined unity and federal system that doesn't exist.  If one wants to know a detailed history of empire Ethiopia's governmental structure, one can follow the Amhara/Tigre dictatorial approach and take a note why this rotten empire must disintegrate first, and then, may be rebuild it after all the differences that exist are revisited in an honest way. To do so, elaborating and evaluating the most negative contribution of the Abyssinians evil wars and their degrading propaganda is must.

 Mean time, Instead of trying to hide or even blame the victim for their own crimes, the Habashas need to take history seriously and then link their account to Oromians disappointment and frustration. Doing so will require thorough discussion and the probing of each events in depth. Yes, doing so will drive the Habashs crazy and nervous but they have to face the truth soon or later. Unless they take such bold step toward the truth, their empire's vulnerability to disintegration is inevitable.

Unfortunately, even the Tigre tribe had done more damage to the Oromo though it tried to dig out the ugly history of the Amhara for it's strategic survival.   Opening up a dialogue and debating on the challenges could have reduced all the economic and political sufferings of our nation but as long as the Abyssinians demagoguery exists, war is the only means to end it.  So far, they’ve chosen contention Instead of consensus, confrontation instead of peace. 

What is true is that the Abyssinians rule in Oromia and else-where in that empire is more fragile than many of us think. No matter what they do or say, empire Ethiopia will not be stable to allow the Habasha tribes to rule indefinitely. What overshadows our ability to see the reality of the rotten empire is our own confusion rather than the Tigre military power. If the Oromo people stop dealing with the Tigre tribe socially and economically, the chain of reaction that will take place from across the country will transform the dying empire.

However, what gives the Tigre tribe the power to effectively confuse the Oromo is the groups of weak minded men and women who would jump into bed with the Tigre tribe from time to time. These groups have undermined Oromos effort to effectively fight the Tigre tribe and topple their "fake revolutionary democracy".  Even then, it doesn't mean that the Tigre tribe's political floodgate will remain closed. As to the Amhara Dabtaras, they may talk about unity, but we never been united culturally or linguistically.  We the Oromos have got our own world views so do others.  For example, if the Oromo, the Amharas and the Tigreans never shared the same view when it comes to identity, country, opportunity, language or religion, can we say that we were united to begin with?

  The truth is, the Oromo and the Habasha groups differ Historically, linguistically, and culturally i.e our unity had been superficially enforced. In fact, even the Tigre boys started fighting the amhara governments before them to demand their rights as Tigreans. That being true however, when the communist camp collapsed, they end up occupying an empty vacuums and they are in control of Oromia right now.  When such an opportunity hits one unexpected, obviously, one wouldn't run away from access to billions of dollars, free car, free housing, respect and luxury. That’s where the Tigreans are today.  But nothing is as constant as change.

Rundaasaa Asheetee Hundee


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