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Redirecting the Oromo  nationalists action.

Ethno nationalists and indigenous people are people who once led separate political existence and want independence or autonomy from the state that ruled them today. The purpose of Oromo ethnic nationalism is to re-establish the State of Oromia. However, though, very much shocking paradigm shift in current Oromo political organizations political philosophy and a vision to solve the appalling conditions of Oromo people, none of the political organization are in real political sense of nationalism are applying the traditional liberation culture and they are rather daily sinking into greater political crisis and build negative image and mistrust of their own people adapting the collaborationist approach. Their current practice very close to the Kuomintang collaboration with militarist Japan during the WWII and they are very far from reaching the goal of liberating the Oromo people or are not capable to democratize Ethiopia. The current noisy OLF groups (Jijjiramma and shanee) have reduced themselves from ethonationalist movement into  ethno class and communal contenders position which mostly target to protect their traditional tribal land, culture and resource or like communal contenders  ( like black American or Turks in Germany) who wants to break away from social and economic niches into which they are segregated.

The current situation of Oromo political organizations is not compatible with the needs of Oromo people or on a right track to adjust it to the right practices. Many of us are aware that Ethiopia’s greatness has been built on Oromo sacrifice. Contrary to this many Oromo leaders like Lenco Leta and coconspirators believe that Oromos are not capable of making history to determine their destiny. Just like Herr Bruno confuses the state with humanity, the right of man with man and political emancipation with human emancipation. With such ideological confusion and misreading the Oromo desire Lenco and co, Jijjiramma and Shanee can’t deliver the desired freedom. Like Herr Bruno many OLF leaders and cadres believe that since Oromos cannot liberate themselves the only way out is to get Oromo the civil equality. However is the civil equality same as political, economic and cultural equality? I do not think the civil equality alone comprise all what the Oromo people aspire for. The biggest problem of Oromo leadership does not know what place they have in history. They think if they act militarily they would be considered terrorist or compared with common criminals. Therefore, they avoid thinking through the actual use of power for positive purposes, and the political morality governing such use.  But our struggle is neither to commit common crime nor to terrorize certain group of people. Our aim is to destroy a political regime after which our society will exist under a superior regime. We claim that our case should be heard before a court responsible to no one country by the whole world- a court based on pure justice and pure ethics. A court can serve the interest of Oromo people and their aspiration and such court is the only fair court that Oromo leaders must fear and all other courts are not serving the supreme desire of our people.

If the hitherto political institution and leaders are not serving the interest of Oromo people Oromo nationalist must rethink to get out of the shackles that is holding them. By this we mean a new approach must be looked into as a possibility. Suppose then the individual to have decided that some command of a “political superior” is not for the common good, how ought he to act in  regard to it If OLF is a popular organization and has developed a system of enacting and repealing laws, the answer  of common sense is simple and sufficient . We should do all we can by legal methods to get the command canceled, but tell it is canceled, we should confirm to it.  This practice is good if the leaders themselves are honest and accountable   for their action. Our leaders are not under the law nor accountable to it. Therefore, the nationalists must not hold themselves subject to reactionary a law that does not serve the interest of Oromo people. If one cannot liberate himself from the bondage of reactionary political philosophy and its application he should not claim to be nationalist. Well her we should ask ourselves who Oromo nationalist is. An Oromo nationalist is someone who is free from tribal influence, religious and regional bondages. And who thinks that the well being of our nation is starts from the well being of individual citizen of our nation. The current political trends destroy the existing nationalist feelings and national aspiration. So for Oromo nationalist and the survival of their dream to survive the issue is to redirect the struggle by dumping the current political leadership and the ramshackle organizations in which they imprison sons and daughters of our nation.

By Jirma Raasaa

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