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Deme Assefa Negassa

Re.: Your hate speech directed against the Oromo People

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This statement is written in response the claim that you have made recently about the Oromo identity in relation to Ethiopia. In a video released you are seen shamelessly asserting that being Oromo or having the Oromo identity is not from “God”, nor known to “God.” In fact, you state that an Oromo person identifying themselves as Oromo is idol worship, since in your opinion, Oromoness is an idol, and any attempt to embrace or respect this native identity is the abominable sin of idolatry. In order to do you justice, for the speech crime you commit in the name of God against people’s God’s given identity, in this episode we would like to invite anyone interested in finding out, to watch and listen verbatim to you hate speech at this link:

Pr. Toelessa, you claim that God only knows “Ethiopia.” The fact is that in the original what was translated into “Ethiopia” when the Hebrew Bible was turned into the Greek, is Kush. To this day, the original manuscripts bear the reference to “Kush,” and not Ethiopia. Apparently, despite your claim of scholarly religious study, you display either utter ignorance or a well calculated hate crime against Cushitic identities and languages you name and disparage through your speech delivered under the pretext of religious sermon.

You also claim that being Oromo or identifying oneself as such is the violation of the first of the Ten Commandments: “You shall have no other gods but the one God.” You say ethnic identities are akin to worshipping idols which is a premier sinful act, a violation of the Biblical law. This is probably the worst of your speech crimes that you have been committing against the Oromo people and their heritage in the name of preaching the Gospel, for so long now. You are telling an entire nation who never chose to be born that way, but only through the “will of God,” the order of nature, that it is a cardinal sin to be what God created them to be and to speak the language God gave them to speak. You are employing a sinister and deceptive ploy of using people’s sacred reverence of God to demonize the Oromo people, their language, culture, and history. There is no time to enumerate the theological fallacy and spiritual deception you are fabricating with this line of interpretation of the Sacred book. In fact, the only proper way to view you your words is as a direct assault, by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a religious leader preaching hateful politics.

The Oromo are a people with a solid identity, beautiful culture and known for their hospitality to all their neighbors with which they have been sharing by force the Ethiopian system for the last 150 years. They are not oppressing or terrorizing any other ethnic group politically, nor have they forced their language or culture on others. They have never tried to degrade, demean or dismantle the ethnic identity and heritage of any of the other ethnic groups in the country. However, all of these atrocities have been committed against them. To this day, the response of the Oromo so far has been to seek freedom, justice, and respectful coexistence with their neighbors in that region. However, this coexistence is only and only if their identity is not denounced in the manner you shamelessly did, their language is respected in their native land, their right to elect their own leaders is ensured, and they are allowed to benefit from the resources that they toil for day and night. In order to achieve these noble, God given rights, they have been struggling every imaginable form of dispossession and tyranny for over a century. And it is truly disgusting to see you as a religious person diminish this great nation’s desire to embrace and assert their identity, cherish their language, culture, and values. It is disastrous when someone of your stature reduces that to idol worship.

Pr. Toeless Gudina, aren’t you born from Oromo father and Oromo mother, yourself? Didn’t you grow up speaking this language? Don’t you have family members and entire communities that raised you as an Oromo? Were they also worshipping idols when they did those things for you? Have you no shame when you insult the very God you claim to speak for who created you as Oromo? Didn’t the first preachers that brought the gospel to you speak to you in Oromo language? Weren’t the first protestant churches out of which you emerged among the Oromo, planted through efforts of a slave turned into a freeman, who translated the Bible into Oromo language? Are you saying he too was an idol worshipper? How can millions of people who only want to live in dignity as Oromo be so reviled by you? How can you as a pastor supposedly preaching the God of love be promoting hate for the Oromo nation among your listeners and followers; with subtle malice and cynicism?The questions are endless that can be posed to you, but it will not be helpful to write them all. So we rest our utter disgust for your attacks against the Oromo to rest for now.

We, as Oromo Christians, just like you, would like to make clear to all that listen to you that the days when the Bible or Christianity is twisted, and used to enslave Oromos is over. In fact, it is long gone. It is tragic that you, a native Oromo, have become the latest voice of the long standing sin of dispossession and hatred directed against the Oromo for decades in Ethiopia. We would like to strongly assert our outright rejection of your hateful speech against us, and demand that you to stop using the pulpit, and the name of God, to spread hate and malice against the Oromo people. The Oromo are created equal to all other peoples and their heritage deserves equal respect and honor with all others. Your work and the efforts of those who, through deception try to keep the Oromo mind forever enslaved will not succeed . We demand that you apologize for all the hateful and disparaging words you have declared in this instance and many other instances against the Oromo nation. We strongly urge you to realize the damage you are doing to the truth and people that never did you harm, with your blatant lies and distortions. We demand that you refrain from promoting this sort of hate speech through the pulpit against the Oromo or any all other peoples or languages of Ethiopia or anywhere in the world!

With regards,

Deme Assefa Negassa


I appreciate to much lali Galan comment on Paster Tolosa Gudina

Lali Galan

O MY GOD! He created me as an OROMO and I happen to be proud of it!!!
Let me tell you a true story about this guy Pastor Tolosa: August 2007 I was at a wedding and some really good family friend, he was about to Introduce my friend and I to Pastor Tolossa...when he was about to introduce me to him...and said "this one is Makonnen Galan's daughter..." he/PS Tolosa was about to shake my hand...and he refused to shake my hand. I was at a loss for word and to why? And I asked his friend why he did that, and pastor Tolossa's friend told's b/c he knows of my dad as an OLF and didn't want to shake my hand. I was must be kidding me...and this guy is running around as a pastor?!? Right there and then I lost the little respect I had for him...and I'm not surprised he preaching...this garbage!!!


ali Galan

Guulaalaa. link kun Lubi Oromoo maratan waan isaa dubatan fi hojeecha jira argisisa. Luboota guyya rakko Oromoo kana diina waliin dhabatanf gadaa Oromoon isaan irrati qabu akka beekan barbana. Luboon Oromoo waaqayyon sodadha lafe Lubu Gudina Tumsa sodadha yeeroo dhiigi Oromoo dhagla'aa jiru kanati Oromoo bira dhabadha.

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