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Disappointingly, the ODF and your team attempted to master Ethiopiawiinet before you could master yourself, your Oromummaa.

Rundassa Eshete Hundee


It is amazing to see you-all leaving the Oromo liberation camp and come back to it now and then. Recently, obboo Lenco Lata's team, the ODF wrote similar letter to all OLF branches, including those whom they thought are the Oromo community and civic organizations.

What is so interesting is that you guys can only see things at a very short distance. If the ODF team was able to see a little further, they could have seen the that the Oromo question is larger than individuals ambition for power, i.e the Oromo struggle is to cleans all Oromians and other colonized people from the confusion you, Galchu, Gonfa, and the ODF team suffer from.

Let me explain what I mean by your CONFUSION;

Firstly, the Habashas fight to keep their subjects under the banner of EthiopiaWIINET. As you very well know, since the day Minilik colonized Oromia and the nations of the south, the Habash people were working very hard to absorb the colonized people into their borrowed identity.

To qualify the Oromo and the colonized people of empire Ethiopia, they used EthiopiaWIINET, a theory that transforms, assimilates and adopts the rest into the Habasha borrowed values. These values are;

a) the Habsha language
b) the Habasha religion
c) the Habasha attitude
d) the Habasha name

The hypothetical steps that we were required to take toward to this cultural convergence was to accept the Ethiopian citizenship known as "Ethiopiawii". Once one accepts this notion, then he/she is required to accept EthiopiaWIINET, which is equivalent to accepting the Habasha theory of assimilating the colonized into the Habasha cultural norms.

When the OLF was formed, it's goal was to stop this process, the process that assimilates the colonized people into the Habasha borrowed norms and values. However, when the ODF leaders and followers, you and your team members, such as Galchu and Gonfa concluded that the best political strategy to come to power in Ethiopia is by accepting "Ethiopiawiinet", you failed to understand the difference between Ethiopiawii and EthiopiaWIINET.

Worse, as you, the ODF and your tam members got succumbed into the TPLF political theory of accepting "Ethiopiawiinet", you all started forcing each Oromo to shift the OLF original objective of removing the theory of Ethiopiwiinet and replace it with inclusive political theory. In fact, your concerns end up all about replacing the TPLF and control power. While performing this political dance, you also tried to limit the Oromo people's consciousness that is needed for mental growth necessary to achieve their full potential. When you appeared on Habsha organized political forums and spoke that we all are the same with the Habash, you demoralized our people and encouraged the Amharas and the Tigreans by giving them a signal that we are failing and the decades of liberation struggle will never be able to yield any meaningful result.

Disappointingly, the ODF and your team attempted to master Ethiopiawiinet before you could master yourself, your Oromummaa. You thought to know and to be Ethiopian will do the magic of coming to power and then help build Oromummaa after wards. But if you think about this a little differently, Ethiopiawiinet is a theory that works against our self-mastery.

I am sure obbo Lenco of ODF knows more than all of us that the Habasha identity is not compatible with the Oromo identity. Further, he also knows that the Oromo and the Habasha people are not fighting on territory since land matters were taken care of during the Dargu time. When obboo Lenco and the Galchu group joined the OLF, they were there to say to the Habshas “I-want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it”!

No amount of discussion could postpone this impatient demands but you all caved into the CIA pressure to accept the ETHIOPIAWIINET theory which we've been fed ever since Minilik's army invaded Oromia. The good thing however is that the Oromo mass who anxiously anticipated a glimpse of victory showed to you the potential we have to fight our colonizers and gain the freedom we want. The Oromo youth understood that the Tigre ruled Ethiopia is not going to cradle them the way she cradles the Habashas, her sweet babies. No matter what the ODF and the Galchu team have said or did, the kids rose and fought to determine their destiny.

When you men were worrying and concerned about who controls what position in Ethiopia, the Oromo kids rose and faced the Agazii army disregarding the physical harm and life threading situation they have faced. As a result, many of them died, hundreds injured, the majority were denied food and shelter. The mad Tigre army and spying team also set fires on their dorms and many burned to death in their beds, others were poisoned in Haromaaya, Direedhowaa, Adamaa and Roobee universities.

Yet, the struggle for self-mastery and self liberation will continue until each Oromo is cleansed from the EthiopiaWIINET garbage and stand as a magnificent creation of Waaqaa.

Hence, I hope that obbo Lenco and the Galchu group have learned from the kids struggle that the prime purpose of the Oromo question is not to bring few men to power but to destroy the Ethiopiawiinet theory, the mean spirit that the Habashas acquired from their European masters. You may feel pity for those brave Oromo kinds who willingly sacrificed their lives but their actions should teach you the meaning of mortality that you need to have solid stand.

Though it is not too late to re join the Oromo liberation camp, your quest for self-mastery requires full participation in the activities of the recent youth revolt against the the Tigre colonial rule in Oromia. Of course, self-mastery comes from obedience for Oromummaa and self control against self centered desire to be an important person. This notion also contains a promise not to bring self before the mass interest. Indeed, as you develop courage to say no to self centered desires, you will gain additional strength and be able to refuse to conspire against your own people by being confused by this seditious and harmful substances or smut known as Ethiopiawiinet.

Here, I hope you will not misunderstand me. I would not neglect all the sacrifice men like obbo Lenco have made for the sake of the Oromo. Galchu and Gonfa too have sacrificed their luxurious lives. You all deserves praise for the good things you have done for the Oromo people. I marvel all the good things each and every oromo have done for our people. This said, I despise any motivation that an Oromo employes to attain fame, power, money etc.

As you know, reputation is built and character is forged as you develop self-mastery. Being faithful to the Oromo liberation cause and fighting against dishonesty or shabby temptations for money and fame must be your motto in life. Be courageous and fight dishonesty and show accountability if you want for your actions to be your cherished prize. It really matters what you think, say, and do.

Especially men like obboo Lenco, abba Biyyaa, Dimaa and the like have approach old age and they should not die with shame. Seeing them suffering the symptoms of inferiority is painful to me. Our culture doesn't support old men acting like teenage boys and seeing abba Biyya acting like a teenage aches and sadness most Oromos. Obbo Lenco's departure from his original respected view is a crisis. Millions have thrusted him when he expressed the inner sole of each and every Oromo with the language they could not master but now that man is not the same.


Rundassa Asheetee Hundee


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