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The Misguided tour of the Ethiopian PM in North America and some suggestions.


Beekan G Erena

The misguided tour of the Ethiopian PM in North America and some suggestions
:Ethiopian Prime Minister travelled to the US to address ma
inly the Habesha Diaspora
1. While the Ethiopian Prime Minister and his team have travelled to address the Ethiopian diaspora in general, the setup, the language and more than all the participants and the praises that he made clearly showed that the PM and his groups must have travelled with concerns to the Habesha community. The PM speaks in various languages where ever he travels, he was very curious not to utter any Oromo language, the language of most of the people in the Empire. He praised people like Tamagne, Birhanu, Andargachew and other G-7 think thanks. He stated that he wishes to hug these people, wile he mentioned only Jawar Mohammed, who is more of an Habesha than Oromo. Why he specifically praised the Habesha political Party, G-7 with a similar political ideology as the OLF and distance from mentioning the OLF is a clear indication whose messenger this PM is. Although, the PM was a hero to the Habesha community in America, he was clearly jaded and lost his caliber in a manner it has never happened to him. He forgot whom he was supposed to be a PM for!! It really made me feel to search for his backbone! Who is this PM really? Is a capable politician or simply a wishy washy and egoist person, who as he suggested some time ago that he is sent by God? What is he going to evolve into? Could he really lead our people, people of the regime through full representation and peace? Is he rather going to end up siding some group? It is very hard to tell at this moment.

2. The PM has done a misguided presentation and representation; the PM is either fooled by the smart Habesha or he must have wiggling his tail to please and sustain respect from these people. He does not seam to realize that he is playing with fire. In his “medemer”, he does not seem to understand the mathematical equivalence of the word. Per his preferences to some sector of the Ethiopian society is “medemer” must have meant for everybody else to be added to the Habesha. This is a dream and will take the PM down the garbage chute with his new supporters. He has forgot that he was the most enlightened and purposefully engaged killer / collaborator of the TPLF regime. He forgot that his party was created to be utilized by the TPLF to curtail the potential revolt from his Oromo nation. He forgot that he is the product of the Qeerroo struggle and the Oromo mass. He forgot that the most preferred political party of the Oromo people is the OLF. He does not seem to understand what is cooking while he discriminates the OLF, but praise the Habesha political part, G-7 members.

3. At some point, the PM exhibited his childish characters. Very funny is when he spoke to the Ethiopia crowd, I quote “the community we understand is Ethiopian Community and the soccer team we recognize is the Ethiopia soccer ….” Unquote! Very amazing. While he preaches for peace in Ethiopia he himself just got engaged in masterminding and boiling hatred among Ethiopians during his DC speech. What is clearly represented as “Ethiopian”, here in diaspora, be it community or soccer team is that of the Habesha. While this is the reality, the PM very well knows that there are Oromo Communities, Oromo soccer federation, Sidama Community, Ogaden community etc. as different from the Habesha, synonymous to “Ethiopian” community and soccer team. Why the hell did this PM choose this very sensitive issue and entangled himself in a dilemma. He clearly understands, but it seems that he wanted to define what his TRUE medemer is. Per his speech, everyone from that empire state scraps all its identity and becomes the Ethiopian the Habesha advocate for. He should on the other hand realize that we all can be Ethiopia with all our identities maintained and respected. At home, his government is made of Oromiyaa region, Amhara region, Southern People’s region, Tigray region, etc. Why is he denying that identity to the diaspora Ethiopians, and want them turn into Green, yellow and red. Dreaming of all Ethiopians to subscribe to the old and outdated Menelik flag and era will come with a huge penalty to the PM and all his groups. THAT DREAM IS NO PEACE AT ALL!

4. What will be a good lesson for the PM, if he has not learnt yet is that he will go no where without engulfing at least the majority population of Ethiopia, the Oromo. The Oromo has given him a big chance. For one, while he was a member of the EPRDF that the people have now rejected and that he is still ruling the county with the same moto, he is not sufficiently addressing this patience of the people. While he has made significant peace deal even with Eritrea, with whom Ethiopians have lost the highest human and logistic loss, he marginalizes the representative of the Oromo people, the OLF. To underestimate this noble organization, he collected mushrooming and seemingly OLF old members or pretenders to his side. The Oromo very well knows who these people are. Most them are old, jobless in the countries they reside and no other life than surrender. He should have asked them how many members they have, how many public meetings they had and what exactly they know of the oromo struggle.

The best and the most potentially acceptable move for the PM are;

a. Not to wiggle his tail with whom he thinks he got the best support. Habesha is always an Habesha and they will throw you down the garbage chute when they are done with you. Think of the history of Tadesse Biru, Mamo Mezemer, Abune Petros, Laurette Tsegaye, Haile Fida, Damisee Bulto and many other brave Oromos. When they served they were “Ethiopians” when they spoke out, they were “xebab”
b. Never underestimate the Qeerroo, their organization, the OLF and the Oromo mass. Ethiopia will never exit without including the Oromo and who they are. Oromo played a great role in building Ethiopia, but through loss of its identity. That old age was at the time the Habesha hid education, knowledge and intents of the country from her / him. Today, the Oromo constitutes more educated society, more enlightened and these who have clearly recovered their identity. The Habesha will never be able to out smart the Oromo any more. However, the Oromo is very kind to live in unison if you recognize their identity. 
c. Sole the issue of culture, language and representative flag of the country. Obviously, although you seem to practice know, a “one language”, “one identity-Ethiopian” and one flag is an outdated concept. The Habesha move to steal the gains of the Qeerroo is very open. The Qeerroo and the Oromo people are very aware of this move but are patiently waiting for the action of the PM and the country. The PM should predispose these mischiefs and unrepresented claims before they become potent and over boil people’s patience. The PM should fix the language, and flag of the country before it is too late. I am sure that the people will generally agree if partisan intentions are eliminated and brought to public debate and decision. What does it take him to long to understand when all, except the Habesha have clearly rejected Menelikan flag of green, yellow and red. 
d. The PM should fix the issue of Menelik. Obviously, while the Habesha think of Menelik as the “unifier” and the “most loved others reject the claim and clearly charge him with colonial and genocidal undertaking. Let the history be right or wrong, why do we have to push onto people to accept what they do not like” is there anything of “medemer” when one sector or the other part of the society is shoveled down the throat with painful moments and remembrances. Accordingly, the best for the PM is to take the statue of Menelik to the location most liked by Ethiopians or else it should be dismantled from the Oromo land. Unless, guarded (a sign of partisan), this statue is a dilemma and unwelcome.
e. With no further delay, the PM should bring criminals and exploiters from the former EPRDF regime to justice. The have done damages that are self-explanatory, the have crippled people, the belong to the international tribune, they attempted to kill you, they are still killing people. It is not clear why the PM provided a cover up to these people? Are they still strong and fearful? What is the PM waiting for? Tell the spade and a spade and serve justice to the Ethiopian people.

NB: There are many more suggestion, but hopefully the PM must remain vigilant of his surrounding and the diversity of the people he ought to represent. 
Beekan G Erena, July 30, 2018, Cambridge, MA, USA


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