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 Bek Adamu wrote to Assefa Chabo after watching the interview .

Your Essence of Transgression ( " Gome") : Fluidity, Complacence .Rhetoric and in-congruence between your [ values] and actions.

I have followed through the interview session that you have held with ESAT TV in the last week of December 2014. I really appreciated your story telling ability , your experience , your accomplishments, your endurance during that painful time of decade long prison as well as your bold and adventurous personality.
Your analysis of situations would have also been critical and it tells how well versed you are with the entire social movement of that historical epoch . Listening to all those stories helped me understand the entire sociopolitical atmosphere , determination and courage eminent in the hearts of the elite youth of the time . Given your amazing story telling ability in such a coherent and analytic manner , you can catch anyone's attention and that is why I was sold by it.
As epic and coherent your stories sound , one would endorse the credibility of each event you mentioned and that certainly puts anyone's doubt to rest. There is no doubt in my mind about how vigilant and smart person you are from your very young age .

However, I find it very difficult to endorse some of your assertions and analogies that you have used to describe the ability , character , the well founded sense of commitment, significant contribution in the social movement and excellence of some of the individuals like the late Baro Tumsa (RIP). As l tried to explore issues and get down to the bottom of this, I found you to have a deeply rooted hate towards an ethnic society in general and smarter individuals and groups in particular from within this same society and it's social groups. This has made me think in a slightly different way about you as I tried to make sense of all issues you brought up front. Out of your own self description , I felt that I figured out how such a horrendous, and appalling sense of hate has been cultivated in you about those people. And wondered how you are sticking to logic and stories that don't make any sense and far from truth. I can feel that you are burned out and see which angle you are coming from... a person of your nature , as smart and manipulative as you are since from your age of primary school throughout college entrance faking documents to make it through all levels of education. ..then I believe that you have developed this complacent sort of self image that has forced you to label others who appear to be smarter and intelligent than you as " idiots".

While it is an agreeable ' common sense' that everyone as a human being might have his/her own flaws and limitations, I do firmly believe that overshadowing and nullifying somebody's contribution for any reason [ in search of boosting ones own self-image among other things ] before cleaning ones own sooth and ash is most definitely immoral...which may boil down to your concept of "gome" .

I know it hurts to know that you have been used as a cover by those smart guys to promote their own agenda, but how about the double standards you had assumed ,seems to be assuming to date, between Ethiopian Oppressed Peoples Revolutionary Struggle ( EOPRS) , (Amharic ech'at) and the Dergue then ? and ? ( who knows where you stand ? ). If we are speaking of validity of issues and personal integrity ( which I believe is one of the the indicators of smart personality), which idea holds water and whose sense of struggle/strategy counts more? How do you conclude that the political games and tricks played by others to carry on their mission is the act of betrayal while you are playing that same game and making all your ways up and promote whatever objective you stood for ( if any) ? While pretending as loyal to the Dergue, you founded your party and told your comrades not to utter a word about to others? Wouldn't this be the act of betrayal ? How did you wonder if others stand in your shoes and did the same?

On the other hand, there is also a huge contradiction or lack of congruence between what you said as your inherent values as a "Gamo"man mentioning the concept of "gome" or transgression and your actual feeling/sense of hate towards others as evidenced in your description . As I tried to comprehend the essence of Gome..or transgression based on your own statement , I agree with you that hatred is absolutely Gome . But given your accounts , I certainly question if you are living or lived up to you values. How about judging and perpetuating all those sense of hate and curse about everyone in a single society and portraying that they all have died in vain and their struggle is worthless? How about defamation and telling lies? Isn't it Gome /transgression? You told us that your [ identity] is part and parcel of your society's value system and acting out of the norm set by your society is, how about forging documents, which is a high level moral misconduct, isnt it Gome? .

In any of the holy books , folk to modern societies [ at least to my knowledge] making false testimony and fraudulence is the act of transgression, and I believe the great Gamo society do share this belief. In this same analogy ,you said that "you cant afford to hate because of your values [Gome]" (thought Ironic to your own actions) , how come that you afforded to forge documents to make it thr.all levels of education ? My question to Assefa Chabo is why did he joined Echat if the only political question of nations of that time was ''land for tillers'' ? Why not he joined EPRP?or MEISON? . Why would he chose to talk only the negative about his previous comrades (Baro Tumsa, like baro told that Assefa was the leader of ECHAT to mengestu) ? Did baro had only negative things to be told? Why didAssefa Chabo chose to found ECHAT with baro if baro was very weak as he is claiming right now? Why would Assefa failed to give a Baro the respect he has given to the killer Mengistu Hailemariam ?

Assefa was claiming that he was a friend of Mengistu and he was advising the policy of mengistu being in prison. Is it not a paradox to feel pride being adviser to the one who put him in prison for 10 years? Why would Assefa chose to claim that those who killed Baro tumsa and General Taddese(those assisted Taddese to be killed) were Oromos? He, in his statement above mentioned that he presented the fact as a lawyer based on evidence. As far as we know those who were with Baro (like Leenco lata) by the time didn't say so. What was his evidence that made him claim that the cause of for the death of Taddese Biru were Oromos? If you saw on the interview, what Obbo Assefa tried is to distance himself from all the things he did in the past to please the right wing chauvinists. In most of his responses, his meeting with Oromos and his consequent imprisonment was accidental. He portrayed the things he had (like, the meetings and his consequent imprisonment), his opposition stand against EPRP and Birhanemeskel Reda were accidental, not well planned. Why did he chose to be so now? What is the political advantage? I hope Obbo Assefa will answer me my questions. I have a lot to ask based on each of his responses
May God help us not to make mistake at our 11th hour( final age)!. This guy erased his own history by his own hand at 11th hour.

Bek Adamu


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  • Oromo Parliamentarians Council ESAT buy Assefa chabo to discrimente the oromo nation and Oromo leaders ESAT pay alot for this irresponsblety action against Oromo nation.mhar of isheeti Oromoo maqa xureste ta'uuf diinan saba biraa irra sobduu barbadatee Oromoo soban maqa xureesuu egalte Interview Assefa Chabo kana kessa dhuga tokko ilee hin jiru. ESAT nama siirti sobu danda'uu bitatee Oromoo maqa xureesuu egalee

    Wfdo Ofdm Assefa Chabo is thief from the chalid age all his school document is forged (feke) at 7th grade, 10th gard en 12th garde also in university he is rewrite rom the others and punshed by his techer today at this age also he speak false history. Even he can't mentation his father name Assefa Chabo born with out father. All his history was feke like his interview.

    Genanew Wolde Did u expect any good info.from him about Oromoo?Don't for get the medium is Esat.They invited him b/c they know his hatred toward our people.....Oromoo

    Adam Wario The guy has attempted to please his masters but the journalist was questioning his integrity by asking him some critical questions throughout all episods. It seems his life is full of regret. He feel he is used all his life and sounds morally bankrupt and inferior.

    Dereje Areda Few years back, I had conversation with Kassa Tadesse, a son of General Tadesse Birru. He told me that his father used to believe in Baro Tumsa, as a young, energetic, talented future leader of Oromo. He heard him when General Tadesse introducing him to the families , friends and others as a future of Oromo leaders.

    Dhuguma Mekonnen Demisse In fact, who is mengistu to criticize Baro Tumsa in the first place? The only thing I grasped from this writings is that:- 1. Mengistu is totaly an anti-Oromo personality. He got a blind mind about the Oromo ppl that led him to the blind hate of same he reflected already. It is actually clear for the world that he was not only a dictator but also a deficient leader who can never deserve respect. 2, Baro Tumsa is such a hero for he confronted multiple challenges to bring about the struggle of his nation to the ground to the level that he sacrificed his life. He never tried to save just his life at the expense of his nation unlike Mengistu. Baro is not an empty garbage like the so called Mengistu. In general Mengistu cannot have a moral ground let alone to criticize, even to call/Mention the name of Baro Tumsa. This is my personal firm stand that I will persist in forever ...Amaan Hedatoo the old man on his 11th hour, joined the chauvinists. He still does not know where Oromo is like many of his chauvinistic friends who send him to babble against Oromos. He told his audience that he was the founder of ICHIAT and tell people like Baro not to tell others that he was the chair person. I do not understand what does that mean. Why he used to say so? Who was he? He tried to divide Oromos. As to his philosophy, Oromos of the East and West have no any relation other than the name Oromo. This was/ is what we used to hear and hearing for 23+ yrs. It new not because we are hearing from him on the so called ESAT.

    Dargaggoota Shamaran  Assefa Chabo is dirty waild animal, old gay he did't know nothing, he work for ESAT propaganda against Oromo nation, we must give attantion for ESAT not for old dead body.








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