For the Oromos, it´s Now or Never!

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

I received many mails and letters of different contents, following my recent article "Without a Correct Vision of Today´s World, Oromos Cannot Bring Forth an Independent Oromia" (

In the aforementioned article, I enumerated several points of disastrous misperception of our world that put obstacles in the Oromos´ path for national liberation; I stressed the point that, in a global world, "the entire global community has to be taken into account "by the every group struggling for national independence".

The topics evoked therein were truly diverse, but they had indeed a common denominator – not as inquiries concerning the possible ways for the Oromos to achieve national liberation but as mentality of potential liberators and national independence fighters; the common denominator was naivety.

Naivety is not necessarily associated with ignorance of our world´s realities. One may have an incorrect idea about the world but still not be naïve. The naivety that characterizes the mind and the imagination of many Oromos today is as disastrous as their misunderstanding of our world.

I find it therefore necessary to expand on several subjects that characterize the Oromo stance toward their own effort for national liberation and self-determination.

Point 1. The time of talk is over; the time of action is the only real time for Oromos.

Talking, discussing, analyzing, contextualizing, specifying, theorizing is truly wonderful; up to a certain point. When your country is free, and satisfactory socioeconomic standards and situations are obtained, you have the time to talk.

When your compatriots are being mercilessly killed by the racist Amhara and Tigray occupiers, your time is limited to the specifications of immediate acts of liberation to undertake.

Discussing about what to do, as revolutionary effort to liberate Oromia, is a way of not doing anything. Instead of finding the correct strategy after debates of quasi-metaphysical contents, it´s better to carry out 100 acts of liberation by eliminating 100 Amhara who occupy illegally Oromia. Instead of launching another comical conference whereby all the discussions end in discussions, it´s better to thunderously assault ten Abyssinian embassies in Western Europe and North America. It is shameful for the Oromo tradition and the Kushitic history to hesitate in front of blood.

Terrible bloodshed must and will take place, and the Oromos either will be committed to it or will never see Oromia independent. Little matters today to convince more Oromos about the need for a national revolution; those who are convinced are already many and, which is more important, they are enough. They must soon translate their lives into death for the occupying forces, all the Amhara and Tigray racists who illegally exist on Oromian soil.

Point 2. The time of expectations from either foreign statesmen and diplomats or Oromo leaders is over; the time for Oromo action concerns the simple, average Oromos – only.

There are no world leaders or African statesmen to come to help; and the Oromo leaders, either in Occupied Oromia or in the Diaspora, delivered nothing; one can therefore safely anticipate that they will equally deliver nothing in the years ahead. It is very well like that; they are not necessary for Oromia´s liberation. Who are needed? The dozens of millions of tyrannized Oromos who face the Amhara and Tigray pestilence and inhumanity every day and every hour. They are the best leaders Oromia can have. Disregarding the fake, gullible, inefficient or bribed pseudo-leaders, who offered nothing to the Oromo Cause except words, is a great development among the Oromo nation; it testifies to a change that can end up with a thunderous revolution: the transition from dreaming to realistically acting. This development offers every average Oromo the opportunity to take full responsibility for his life, freedom and future, as well as for children´s. Do no ask anything from anyone! Either you will do it by yourselves or perish.

Point 3. The time of complaints is over. The time for Oromo action means Sacrifice of the convenience at the altar of the Ideal.

No one is there to listen to Oromo complaints for their troubles; in our world, there is no such person as philanthropist statesman. All the pseudo-democratic gangsters, who rule Europe and America, congratulate Meles Zenawi every time some Oromos are shot dead; they say to him "bravo; kill more"! Is therefore anyone who expects them to pay attention to the complaints of the Oromos? Or is it necessary for the Oromos to demonstrate that they are as gullible as ever, 150 years after the Amhara colonial invasion of Oromian lands?
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Point 4. The time of lies is over. The time of the Oromo Truth has come – for every average Oromo.

Everything said to all average Oromos by Oromo political leaders and foreign diplomats or statesmen has oscillated between false promise, vain hope and deceitful lie. The Oromos are totally alone, isolated, and dreadfully targeted with extinction.

The main pillar of the evil, antihuman and racist, colonial state of Abyssinia is the genocidal project of amharization of all Oromos. Without this project that has been greatly promoted by the Western colonial powers and the Satanic Freemasonic establishments that rule Western Europe and North America, all know that the Satanic fabrication "Ethiopia" would have already fallen apart – as it deserves at any time.

Every Waaqeffata Oromo who acts in a way that allows the Satanic fabrication "Ethiopia" to further exist is an unbeliever and traitor.

Every Muslim Oromo who acts in a way that allows the Satanic fabrication "Ethiopia" to further exist is not a Muslim, but an infidel.

Every Christian Oromo who acts in a way that allows the Satanic fabrication "Ethiopia" to further exist is not a Christian, but a Satanist.

In order to possibly survive, the Oromos have to rely on themselves and on the acts and the plans they will – all – elaborate to eliminate every Amhara and Tigray who stands on Oromia´s territory.

The Only Truth for every Oromo is that they must feel unrestrained to do whatever it takes to totally exterminate every occupier of their old and noble Land.

The laws and the constitution of the colonial state of Abyssinia are the world´s filthiest trash, and every paper on which they are printed must be either burnt out or disposed of.

The value of any Abyssinian occupier standing on Oromia´s soil is less than that of an insect, and because of this, the occupier´s life on Oromia´s soil is an illegal act against Oromia´s existence; such acts must be terminated by any means.

Any Oromo traitor who participates in the fake "political life" of Occupied Oromia must be treated as double enemy and exterminated beforehand. There is nothing to prevent an Oromo from flushing out of this world every criminal collaborator who, for his own personal and material sake, harms the common Oromo Vision of a Free and Independent Oromia – the world´s most urgently needed state.

Point 5. The time of fear is over; from now on, Fearlessness is the only way for the Oromo Nation to survive.

Oromos have nothing to fear and this reality has long been hidden by Oromo political leaders and foreign diplomats or statesmen, who for different reasons find it comfortable or useful to see the entire Oromo nation suppressed, persecuted and threatened by the world´s longest and most abominable genocide.

By fearing for their lives, Oromos are progressively and irreversibly engulfed in worse forms of tyranny that further reduce their chances to ever liberate them or even maintain their identity under occupation.

In fact, the worthless life in which the evil Abyssinian tyranny has condemned the Oromo Nation is not worthy of fear. What is there to fear? Losing this life in an act against the tyrant is an eternal honor and a reconfirmation of the diachronic greatness of the Oromo Nation.

In real terms, this life of slavery in which the Oromos have been condemned is the only real Death; and the death of an Oromo hero in an act against the evil dictatorship is the Source of Eternal Life. This national and transcendental reality was totally believed by the American revolutionaries in 1776, the Indian insurgents in 1857, and the Algerian rebels in 1960. So it must today by all Oromos.

In fact, everything and everyone in the Oromo society, either in Occupied Oromia or in the Diaspora must evolve around the effort to liberate Oromia – and this means planned revolutionary acts with no central guidance. In forthcoming articles, I will expand on the subject, but here I want to repeat, as Historian, that the most formidable power can be broken to pieces. In front of the Oromo passionate desire of and commitment to Independent Oromia, the colonial, terrorist state of Abyssinia is a paper tigress. It will disappear and even leave no memory of it.

The passion of every Oromo is substance enough to burn Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) to eternal Hell.